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XLR Series Connectors

Short Description:

The XLR connector is a common audio connector used to transmit balanced audio signals. It is commonly used in audio equipment and professional audio systems to provide a reliable audio connection.

An XLR connector is a connector with 3 or more pins. It consists of a metal case and internal pins. The casing is usually made of a solid metal material, and the internal pins are made of metal to carry the audio signal. The XLR connector has a locking mechanism to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection.

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Number of Pins  3 to 7 pins
Polarity  Positive and negative
Shell Material  Metal (Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy, etc.)
Shell Color  Black, silver, blue, etc.
Shell Type  Straight, right angle
Plug/Socket Type  Male plug, female socket
Locking Mechanism  Twist lock, push lock, etc.
Pin Configuration  Pin 1, Pin 2, Pin 3, etc.
Pin Gender  Male, female
Contact Material  Copper alloy, nickel alloy, etc.
Contact Plating  Gold, silver, nickel, etc.
Contact Resistance Range  Less than 0.005 ohms
Termination Method  Solder, crimp, screw, etc.
Cable Type Compatibility  Shielded, unshielded
Cable Entry Angle  90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.
Cable Strain Relief  Strain relief bushing, cable clamp, etc.
Cable Diameter Range  3mm to 10mm
Rated Voltage Range  250V to 600V
Rated Current Range  3A to 20A
Insulation Resistance Range  Greater than 1000 megaohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Range  500V to 1500V
Operating Temperature Range  -40 to +85℃
Durability Range (Mating Cycles)  1000 to 5000 cycles
IP Rating (Ingress Protection)  IP65, IP67, etc.
Connector Size Range  Varies based on model and pin count

XLR Series

XLR Series Connectors (3)
XLR Series Connectors (2)
XLR Series Connectors (4)


Balanced audio transmission: The XLR connector uses balanced signal transmission and has three pins for positive signal, negative signal and ground. This balanced design can effectively reduce interference and noise, providing higher quality audio transmission.

Reliability and Stability: The XLR connector adopts a locking mechanism, the plug can be firmly locked in the socket, preventing accidental disconnection. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, especially for audio equipment that requires prolonged use.

Durability: The metal shell and pins of the XLR connector have good durability, can withstand frequent plugging and use, and adapt to various working environments.

Versatility: XLR connectors can be used to transmit audio signals, supporting different types of audio equipment and professional audio systems. They can connect devices of different makes and models, providing a universal audio connectivity solution.

High-quality audio transmission: The XLR connector provides high-fidelity audio transmission, capable of transmitting wide-band and low-noise audio signals. This makes it the connector of choice in professional audio applications.



Application Field

Audio Device Connections: Used to connect devices such as microphones, musical instruments, audio interfaces, audio mixers, and power amplifiers to transmit audio signals.

Performance and Recording: Used in stage sound systems, audio recording equipment, and live performances for high-quality audio transmission.

Broadcast and TV Production: For connecting microphones, broadcast stations, cameras and audio processing equipment to provide a clear and balanced audio signal.

Film and television production: For connecting recording equipment, audio mixing consoles and cameras for audio recording and mixing of movies and TV shows.

Professional audio system: used in conference halls, theaters and audio studios, providing high-fidelity and low-noise audio transmission.


Audio Device Connections


Performance And Recording


Broadcast And TV Production


Film And Television Production


Professional Audio System

Production Workshop


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
● Each connector in a PE bag. every 50 or 100 pcs of connectors in a small box (size:20cm*15cm*10cm)
● As customer required
● Hirose connector

Port: Any port in China

Lead time:

Quantity(pieces) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Lead time (days) 3 5 10 To be negotiated


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